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    Scanning Attention

    Product center

    A class of products

    Sample Collection Kit

    It is used for sampling, storage, classification and transportation of cells and tissues.

    Second class products

    Puncture guide rack

    Stereotactic positioning device with graduated value, which depends on the level to determine the plane, and uses the graduated value such as protractor to achieve the purpose of Angle positioning, is used for clinical auxiliary ……

    Second class products

    Disposable sterile irrigators

    It can achieve continuous water injection for urological or endoscopic surgery that requires continuous irrigation. Flushing the patient's natural cavity (excluding the vagina) can reduce infection links, reduce the workload of the nurse……

    Second class products

    Disposable puncture biopsy needles

    It is used for soft tissue biopsies, thyroid lymph nodes, breast and other soft tissue mass biopsies, to attract tissue and cells.

    A class of products

    Liquid dressing for radiation protection

    Antibacterial nursing for superficial wounds to promote healing, to form a physical barrier on the wound or mucosal damage, to isolate bacteria and viruses or to maintain a wet repair environment.

    A class of products

    Eye protective liquid dressing

    It is suitable for the superficial isolation or maintenance of the eye repair environment to adjust the micro-ecology.


    “From clinical, service doctors and patients, policy source innovation, linkage transformation”.Shanghai Corinline Medical Technology Co., Ltd Proficient in the integration of medical and industrial innovation,take the demand of doctors and patients as the foundation of medical innovation,through the construction of ecological closed-loop innovation mechanism,drive the integration and competition of all links of medical research, production and capital of the whole industrial chain to achieve a win-win situation.The innovation of medical science and technology and the transformation of achievements have the natural closed-loop advantage that the innovation demand comes from the clinic, the design and development combine with the clinic, and the transformation and application return to the clinic.Shanghai Corinline Medical Technology Co., Ltd by building an innovation transformation team with clinicians, clinical engineers and patent lawyers (three division teams) as the core,professional and accurate docking of medical and medical innovation resources from the clinical front line, technological innovation resources from innovative enterprises and research institutes, and achievements transformation resources from domestic and foreign technology transfer organizations and professional incubators, to build an integrated innovation platform that enables more innovative projects to take place and quickly land.At the same time, the project transformation dividend flows back to all participants along the closed-loop innovation link, forming a long-term and mutually beneficial incentive mechanism, effectively giving play to the feedback and multiplication effect of project success, thus driving the innovative development of the medical technology industry。 Company has successfully transformed four clinical innovation products, currently in 11 research products, products cover the subject, such as urinary general digestive anesthesia has the strong ability of innovation project cultivation and operation, for the medical device industry innovation and development has injected new blood.The company set up Liaoning Corinline Medical Technology Co., Ltd、Wuxi Corinline Medical Technology Co., Ltd mainly responsible for product incubator.

    Creative specialization,patent productization,industrialization of products

    We have served a total of 15 clinical medical device innovation projects.

    Which respectively cover the first and second class sterile, second class active and third class implanted medical devices, as well as IVD in vitro diagnostic products, involving many clinical departments such as urinary general digestion, anesthesia and oral radiological intervention.